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Sara and Craig are a happily married couple who live in central Wisconsin and love their family, friends, furry children, coffee, fitness, traveling, and especially each other.

Coffee lovers. Addicts.

Coffee lovers. Addicts.

We have been together for over 7 years, and we got married in January 2014 in Maui on Makena Cove Beach!

Glacier National Park - Iceberg Lake

Glacier National Park – Iceberg Lake


I am 27-year-old wife and mother to two gorgeous German Shepherd puppies. I am an Advanced EMT and Registered Nurse, and I love emergency medicine! Maybe I am a little bit of an adrenaline junkie ;). I was given the nickname “Trauma Mama.” I am currently in the distance education Physician Assistant (PA) program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I would love to be a ER/Trauma PA.

Overall, what makes me happy: Craig, the puppies, COFFEE, health and fitness, baking (skinny of course), and traveling.




I am a 34-year-old husband to the most amazing person in the world and a father to two wonderful German Shepard Dogs. I work in multiple aspects of public safety including as an Advanced EMT with an ambulance service that serves a small town and the surrounding rural area. I love cycling, training for triathlons, traveling, hiking, and camping with Sara and the puppies. As a hobby I enjoy designing and coding small games and experimenting in the areas of artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms. I also recently completed a small game called Air Defender 3D which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The Hubby


The Children: Kona & Kihei

We have 2 German Shepherds – Kona and Kihei…In our vows to each other, Craig vowed to get me a puppy, and we got two!!! One for each of us. We named them after our Hawaiian wedding and trip 🙂 They are “half siblings.” They have the same father but different mothers.

Kona is our male and was named after our LOVE of Hawaiian Kona Coffee. Kona is Sara’s protector but is a complete gentle giant. He loves his belly rubs.

Miss Kihei (pronounced Key-Hey) is our little diva female! We named her after the town we stayed in while in Maui – Kihei, plus one of our favorite places to eat was the Kihei Cafe! We call Kihei our little Diva because she is a picky eater, needs to be boosted into the car, and is very lovingly needy.

Together, they are two peas in a pod and cannot stand to be separated. They love to snuggle, follow mom and dad everywhere, chew on buffalo bones, play with other dogs, car rides, camping, and playing outside.

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Kona & Kihei

Kihei & Kona

Kihei & Kona